Harvard Genomics Spring Summit 2018
Genes, Technology, and Incalculable Ethics:
The Family Office of the Future
April 18-19, 2018
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Our second annual Genomics Spring Summit will more deeply explore the intersection of the hugely accelerating genomics revolution and its profound global impact on families.
We will share the most cutting-edge science that will imminently alter all aspects of how we live.

Our ability to sequence genomes, essentially identifying all components of our DNA, combined with big data analysis and technologies that will allow us to edit DNA, portend profound implications for generational health and well-being.

The impact on family members, family dynamics, as well as family offices and businesses, is inestimable. Trustees and advisors will have fiduciary responsibility to assist their clients negotiating these deeply personal technologies, which raise unprecedented questions and ethical quandaries.

Families and their advisors must employ a bespoke approach, incorporating personal values, mores, culture, behavioral understanding, and the law, all essential components of decision-making in this new world of reading and writing biology.

Philanthropy will change as a function of familial genomic discovery.

The wealthy have unique opportunity to become hyperagents of change, effecting profound legacy. Value creation opportunities abound.

The summit represents the continuation of necessary critical conversation about imminent disruptive technology, and offers unique opportunity to dialogue with scientists of the highest caliber and other global families.

Special Guest

Professor of Genetics, Harvard Medical School;
Professor of Health Sciences and Technology at Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“It's all too easy to dismiss the future. People confuse what's impossible today with what's impossible tomorrow.”
The program includes a variety of topics uniquely relevant to our special invitees, accessibly presented for non-scientists:

  • the evolving landscape of genomic technologies
  • gene editing in humans
  • the role of genomics in brain and behavior, reproductive technologies, and aging reversal
  • opportunities for engagement in genomics through philanthropy, entrepreneurship, and investment
  • philanthropic possibilities that will arise from family knowledge of genetic makeup
  • identification of initiatives at Harvard and leading partnering institutions available to attendees committed to social justice impact and legacy creation
  • ongoing discussion and workshops will be facilitated throughout the day to address ethical, moral, social, legal, privacy, and behavioral complexities inherent in the application of these new technologies, matters critically relevant to family offices and businesses and the families they serve

Guests will be offered a rare private tour of Dr. George Church’s laboratories, dedicated to the development and deployment of cutting edge genetic technologies, in the interest of protecting and promoting human health (with a curious side spur into bringing back the woolly mammoth).

Host Committee
Continental breakfast, lunch, refreshments, and a wine/hors d’oeuvres reception on the evening of the 18th.

Attendance by invitation only
All registration subject to final approval by pgEd and Summit Leadership. For further information, please contact Summit Coordinator, Simon Lockett